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The Fun4Four is the world’s first and only multiplayer gaming table for up to 6 players, which was specially designed for out-of-home entertainment. The concept, which has been patented worldwide since 2009, is full to the brim with groundbreaking innovations and breathtaking games for young and old and is constantly being expanded to include new features.

Use your space multiple times

Use your installation space several times and save a lot. Not just one, but up to six people can play at the Fun4Four at the same time. No more buying overpriced one or two player machines.

Games tailored to your audience

The Fun4Four games are not off the shelf. Each game is tailored to the needs of your guests. More than 80 hand-made games are currently available.

Incredibly customizable

Convenience is very important for every guest. The Fun4Four can therefore be chosen in height. This allows players to play comfortably while standing or sitting.

The feeling of unlimited overview

The gaming table is equipped with a gigantic 43" multi-touch screen. The feeling of playing at Fun4Four is simply indescribable! You will have to try it yourself.

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Fun4Four is the world’s only multi-game gaming table designed specifically for out-of-home entertainment – brimming with innovation and groundbreaking games. This brings a whole new dimension of gaming to your bar, entertainment center, club, pub or arcade.

Output: 180 W
Weight: 122/137 kg
Height: 107 cm/78.5 cm
Width: 118.5 cm
Depth: 79.6 cm

  • Latest version in a completely revised design
  • 43-inch multi-touch display
  • NFC mobile phone charging function at both ends of the table
  • LED light bar, freely programmable in administrator mode
  • SSD hard drive for faster start-up
  • WIN10 for more security and compatibility
  • Optional bill acceptor and coin validator
  • Optional credit card module including Apple and Samsung Pay
  • Optionale Onlineanbindung an den TAB OTM Server
  • Every year new games for young and old
  • Standard colors white and black
  • Available in standing and sitting height

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